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3rs, Josh: The Time has Come

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3rs, Josh: The Time has Come

Post by Cake on Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:42 pm

Not many of you know this but Josh, more well known as 3rs, is leaving LR. He is going to try to make his own Community. Though I do not agree with this he is free to do whatever he wishes. His words were, "LR has moved on, if you know what I mean." As many of you know, we haven't even started. Today will be the beginning of our mass recruiting! We will be starting our CS:S division any day now. Also, from now on: Members who leave, your door will not stay open. You have to earn back your title if you wish to rejoin LR. If you think you are ready sign up here to be a recruiter. I will specify what you are to do as a recruiter below. But first, your application will be like this:

  • Your Age
  • Your recruitment methods.
  • Server's you visit other than ours.
  • How many people you wish to recruit per week.
  • How you will recruit according to the instructions below.

Do you wish to recruit? OK then, follow these instructions. You will visit other servers. You will chat with people about LR. Also, you can send invites out. Please, invite people on your friends list. Please recruit at least 10-15 people a week. You will be rewarded. The more players we have, the more chance of having active players. So, invite the HELL out of Garrysmod. I will start to set up a Recruitment plan for CS:S once the server is up. We will need to populate the servers daily. So get on the servers. The top 3 ranking recruiters will be rewarded with a chance at admin.

-Cake king

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Re: 3rs, Josh: The Time has Come

Post by Pat on Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:07 am

I would like to sign up for CS:S Division Recruiter!

Age : 12

Recruitment Methods : Make friends with friendly people, and talk and be very open about gaming.

Server i visit other than LR : HeLLsgamers, a very popular CSS Server, HavocGamers, a RP server on gmod, popular. And many many many other servers i can't list them all.

How many people i wish to recruit each week: I cannot play on the weekdays, but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday i can. I think i can fit about 9 people everyweek if i try really hard.

How i will recruit: Ill visit more servers, and see the clanless people. Maybe i can just be friendly to them, we add each other, and we start to talk. Thats how i recruit. Ill also ask long time friends if they want some invitations to LR.


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Re: 3rs, Josh: The Time has Come

Post by Ryic on Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:41 pm

Does my recruiter application still count from before? or is the Ranking system still in play?
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Re: 3rs, Josh: The Time has Come

Post by Mr. Roblcopter on Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:54 pm

If your recruiter your still recruiter unless Cake promotes you to a higher rank.

Mr. Roblcopter
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Re: 3rs, Josh: The Time has Come

Post by Sponsored content

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